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Recreational facilities will generate $403,000 in revenue, according to the budget. On the expenditure side, the township projected spending $6.27 milllion on employee benefits and insurance in 2016, compared to $6.11 million in the 2015 budget. Benefits were broken out as totaling $5.62 million next year, compared to this years budget figure of $5.61 million, and insurance, including property and liability insurance and workers compensation, was projected to cost $615,153, up from $500,460 for 2015. Additionally, the budget projected spending $4.69 million on police protection, compared to $4.37 million budgeted for 2015, and $2.09 million for public works and highways, compared to approximately $2.04 million in the current years budget. The township also anticipated spending $1.74 million for administration in 2016, down slightly from the $1.76 million figure budgeted for this year. Solid waste and disposal expenditures were anticipated to be $1.53 million in 2016, down from nearly $1.62 million this year. Other projected areas of expenditure include $773,554 for the library, $753,313 for parks and recreation, $623,490 for participant recreation and $576,972 for emergency management. Township spending on debt service was projected to be $683,110 next year, compared to $626,957 budgeted for 2015.

Many times business and property owners need to turn to sub prime and private lending options when their deal either doesnt have enough time to complete a bank application and funding process, or they are falling just below bank qualifying for some reason. Depending on the particular scenario, you may be surprised that the number of other options available to you and their related terms and pricing. The sub prime market particularly is always on the look out for the close to bank type deals as that means the property value is likely solid and their is cash flow for debt servicing. Any commercial real estate financing request that has good cash flow generated from the property is always going to be able to attract different types of financing options. Here in Toronto, we look at commercial deals all over Ontario, Canada, and even into the U.S. If youre looking for non bank mortgage financing solutions for a commercial property, I suggest you give us a call at 416 464 4113 for a free assessment of your business financing options. We work with a number of sub prime and private mortgage lenders that can help with a variety of situations including fast mortgage closing requirements, bridge financing, construction loans, and long term fixed rate financing deals.